The Hearts
Card Deck

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The Hearts Whisper

A resource for everyday individuals & groups as well as professionals from any of the teaching, coaching, social care or healing professionals.

Over 50 hand painted cards which can help support with:

  • Conclusions
  • Clarity 
  • Choice
  • Creativity 
  • Communication
  • Connection 
  • Self Awareness 
  • Resilience 
  • Sub-conscious
  • Intuition 
  • Imagination 
  • Awakening 
  • Inner Peace 
  • Transformation 
  • Closure 
  • Change 
  • Self-Regulation 
  • Loss 
  • Developing Personal Power 
  • Self Care
  • Conflict / Resolution
  • Life Reboot/ Reset 

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This deck of cards was painted by Katy during the March and April of 2022 during the Ukraine – Russia war which began on February 24th  2022. Weekly zoom calls were held over this time to brainstorm and inspire, as The Hearts Whisper began to breathe life and become a reality. Read more

The Hearts Whisper 4

The science

These cards can be used by individuals. However we do not recommend using these cards without professional support if you are in crisis.

I am a professional

Use these cards with clients in sessions on their own or with other therapeutic interventions. They can be used for in person sessions but also online in a digital format.

The cards can be used by:

  • Individuals 
  • Groups 
  • Teams 
  • Families 
  • Coaches 
  • Counsellors 
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists 
  • Spritualists  
  • Doctors 
  • Teachers 
  • Supervisors 
  • Trainers 
  • Social Workers 
  • Young 
  • Old 

In sessions they can be used with or to support:

  • Story Telling 
  • Timelines 
  • Doodling 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Metaphors 
  • Stone Work 
  • Sandtray 
  • Poetry 
  • Play Therapy 
  • Internal Family Systems 
  • ACT 
  • EMDR 
  • Polyvagol Theory
  • Drama Therapy 
  • Face to Face Sessions
  • Online Tele-therapy
  • Visualisations 

The Hearts Whisper
In loving memory
Of those hearts
That Continue to
Quietly Whisper.

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about the creators


My name is Katerina Bolshakova, but many people know me as Katy Stone. I am a practicing psychologist, trauma therapist, and I am also an art teacher based in Ukraine.

Since childhood I have been fond of drawing. Many times, drawing has helped me through difficult and very painful periods in my life.

I believe It has helped me process and resolve difficult situations and contributed to help me make the right decisions.

It has been a way for me to express pain and joy - especially at the moment. As I write this I am living in the midst of war - whilst Russia is at war with Ukraine.

For me the creation of art is a way of expressing our perception of the world around us, as well as an opportunity to tell about the depth and diversity of the world inside us.


I am a qualified creative therapist based in the U.K working online and face to face. I am also creator of Polyvagal Teen™️, The Angry Tent™, The Anxiety Tent™ and The R.U.D Process™ and numerous creative interventions.

I am passionate about working creatively not only in person but also online and am founder of The Creative Connections Toolkit, an online platform for working creatively.

To me being creative does not mean being good at art (I am definitely not artistically talented - I leave that to others). But I do have a creative mind where often ideas effortlessly flow out of me .. a bit like a waterfall.

I do firmly believe we all have the potential to be creative, creativity to me gives us the means to explore different ways of thinking and finding solutions.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on our "The Hearts Whisper" project and as well as being involved in creating a powerful tool - it has helped heal a part of me also.

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